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Who We Are

And the Fruits of our Labor

The Columbia Plateau Food Links” (CPFL) is a Community Foods ("local foods") steering committee comprised of individuals and entities with interest in expanding availability and access to healthy, regionally-produced food.  It began with the support and participation of the regional Food Bank,  the Community Action Program of East Central Oregon (CAPECO) in partnership with organizations such as the Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Rural Action, the Umatilla-Morrow County Headstart and WIC programs, several local farms, farmers' markets and other individuals.

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SPONSORING & PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONSCapeco_Logo1.doc.jpg        CAPECO (Community Action Program of East Central Oregon) - community & emergency food and nutrition programs: http://www.capeco-works.org/food_community.htm

  • Umatilla-Morrow Headstart & WIC: multiple county resource for women, children & families: http://umchs.org/
  • Columbia Blue Mountain Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) - enhancing local environments, economies and quality of life http://www.pacrimrcd.org/SectionIndex.asp?SectionID=46
  • Finley's Fresh Produce: Our region's first CSA farm (Umatilla Co.) http://www.finleysfreshproduce.com/aboutourc.htm
  • Oregon Rural Action: a regional sustainability organization promoting healthy land, people, food and communities. Chapters and projects are active in 5 eastern OR counties - http://oregonrural.org/
  • Oregon State University Extension Service - Family Nutrition,  and Agricultural programs - Umatilla, Morrow and Wheeler Counties
  • Salvation Army,  Pendleton Corps 
  • Pendleton Farmers' Market: www.pendletonfarmersmarket.net
  • Way of Life Farm: Gus Wahner, Stanfield, OR


We seek a broad representation from food system stakeholders across the region - individuals, agencies, organizations. Please contact us if you'd like to join this committee. 



Our Vision is of a richly networked bio-regional "foodshed", with beneficial relationships and interdependent stakeholders serving the bounties of Columbia Plateau agriculture to those who live here. Over time, with strong regional support, our food system resources will be "re-localized" in ways that better serve the farm-direct producers and consumers of the region, and enhance the health of individuals, communities, our economies and the earth, creating well-being, high quality of life and complete food security.

Our goal is a greater representation and diversity of growers feeding more healthy people and communities in the region, and more local efforts for expanding self-sustaining food production and processing, at the community, individual and family level. To use an easy catch phrase: we aim to expand the Availability, Accessibility and Affordability of locally produced food.

Mission Statement (Aug. 2008)

  •  Group Purpose: To promote, coordinate, and help develop a local food network or system that will support our region’s access to healthy, sustainable and economically viable food.
  •  Goal: To support activities that expand our local food system and increase opportunities for the participation in, education around, production of and access to good food.


·  Create committees and work groups to develop and implement a Community Food Projects, grant applications and projects

·   Conduct community food assessments

·   Identify strengths & weaknesses of the local food system and determine ways to support & strengthen the system

·   Identify opportunities for disadvantaged and/or small farmers and processors

·   Create educational and communication forums for farmers, consumers, planners and the general public to work and learn together (FEASTs, Forums)

·   Promote a more local and diversified food production and supply

·   Encourage and increase opportunities for people to grow their own food


Meeting Schedule: (Visit our Facebook "Events" page for updates)

·   Quarterly: Meet May, August, and November, January. Full CPFL meetings, 2 to 3 hour meetings. At least one representative from each county and/or representative stakeholder would participate to share what they’re doing in supporting regional food and farming operation and capacity-building. Location TBD.

·  Monthly, bi-weekly meetings as needed in work groups or subcommittees

·  Regional Food Forum: Forums will convene the entire community of food systemstakeholders (from producers to policy makers, health care to home gardeners, eaters and educators) to celebrate, update and create plans for the region, opportunities for networking, feedback, training, in-depth discussion and brainstorming about regional food and farming issues and projects.  We will encourage development of new ideas that could be supported by all partners.

·  Teleconference calls during the summer market/growing season in July and September – maximum half an hour call time.  The main purpose of these calls are to maintain a network between representatives in the region. 

·  Community workshops and capacity development continued for each county as needed (e.g.  FEASTs - Food Education Agriculture Solutions Together),  Producer-Purchaser workshops, sustainable ag. workshops, education and nutrition, and etc.



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