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The Columbia Plateau Food Shed, Oregon-side...

Rich in history, tradition, and agricultural wealth.  Built on unique natural, cultural and financial assets - the region we call home, our foodshed!

With the help and interest of many, our local foodshed continues to expand, producing bounty, partnerships and networks beyond our wildest imaginings.  Read on, stay tuned and please join us! 

"Eating is an agricultural act" - Wendell Berry   


2013-14 Local Food & Farm Guides Still Available!

And so is the season's bounty! The 2013-14 Eastern Oregon Food and Farm Guide captures food resources in the entire region, Oregon-side of Columbia Plateau Foodshed.  With the help of USDA grants and local contributors, Oregon Rural Action has produced a beautiful 5-county Local Food & Farm Guide. Our thanks to this great non-profit, its Community Foods program and the East Oregonian!  The Guide is available throughout the 5-county area, at the Oregon Rural Action office in La Grande,OR and on-line. Find and patronize farmers, markets, ranchers and fishermen; distributors and processors; restaurants, grocery stores, community gardens and others involved in the regional food system. 

Down load here,  and please share - the more people using it the better it will be. Growers and other local food and farm folk should call Oregon Rural Action to be listed in the next edition: 541-975-2411.

And - for access to the northern side of the Big River food shed - visit the NW Food Hub (on-line or in person: http://nwfoodhub.com/.  They "support the little guys", too!



Gearing up for a new season of good food...

New classes, partners and projects continue to grow - check out the above menu tabs for more information. Call or email if you've got a food or farming idea, a photo, or a project underway that you want to promote on this webpage. Share on Facebook if you need volunteers, partners, or resources -- "crowd-funding" and community investment works!


Food & Farm Economic Analyses completed for Umatilla County and NE Oregon (January, 2012)

In a joint effort, CAPECO and Oregon Rural Action commissioned this complementary study to the East Central Community Food Assessment for Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla and Wheeler.  These studies for three other NE Oregon Counties, (Baker, Union, Wallowa and Umatilla,  highlight various aspects of our food and farming economy with an eye on the opportunities for expanded production and profitabilty through expanded local marketing and consumption.  They also help make the connections between the health and well-being of residents, our rural agricultural economy, subsidies, incomes, and the local food we eat (or don't)!  See a Powerpoint presentation utilizing the data from these regional studies.

Conducted by Crossroads Resource Center, with support from Oregon Rural Action, CAPECO and many local partners, we are excited to have this data for our next steps into expanding the support for local food and farming!


Our THANKS to the United States Department of Agriculture's Farmer's Market Promotion Project Award #OR-481-2010G-1186 for helping to make this website, and many projects listed within, possible!




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