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What We Do

Passions, Projects and Path

The Columbia Plateau Food Links group, in tandem with Oregon Rural Action, CAPECO Community Food Program and many other partners, communities, individuals, organizations and agencies around the region, is working to improve community food security by engaging community members in a participatory process of identifying the needs and assets of our local food system. The process yields the information and community input necessary to build comprehensive solutions to local food, farm and nutrition issues.


A glance over CAPECO's 2011 Community Foods project summary shows an exciting expansion of opportunities and activities around the region!  Everything from new school and community gardens, cooking classes and farmers' markets, our projects build on the recommendations and opportunities developed through the 2010 regional Community Food Assessments (implemented under the aegis of CAPECO, the Oregon Food Bank, and University of Oregon's RARE Americorps).

See video describing the east central food system work with our partners, Oregon Food Bank and RARE-Americorps: http://www.oregonfoodbank.org/News/Photos-and-Videos/Oregon%20Food%20Bank%20and%20RARE

  • Cooking Classes - In partnership with Umatilla-Morrow Headstart and the Salvation Army, CAPECO conducted several class series including "Cooking Matters" (c) and "Garden Fresh" classes in Hermiston and Pendleton.  Gilliam and Morrow Counties also began similar implementation in 2012.

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  • LOCAL FOOD AND FARMERING OUTREACH -  Project >LLocalCommunity Food Assessment  "From Our Roots" (People, Agriculture and Food of Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla and Wheeler (2010; updated 2012)CFA_Cvr_Pict4.png
  • Regional food workshops - "FEASTs" (Winter '09-Spring 2010)
  • Local Food & Farm Guides for Umatilla & Morrow; Gilliam& Wheeler
  • Local foods and farming project development and implementation: Community and school gardens - education & networking (on-going)
  • USDA Farmers' Market Promotions Project (FMPP) grant for SNAP expansion, education and farmers' market/local food development (Nov.2010-Sept. 2012)
  • Facilitating farm-to-school conversations and other food & farming-related projects
  • Coordinate and facilitate regional and community food dialogue, forums and meetings


Operational Goals

  • Help create a local Food Policy Council, 2011- 2012 (see Food Policy Council guide here)
  • Create work groups and/or subcommittees for food & farming topic areas- e.g. small meat production, fruit & veggie growing; food access and affordability
  • Join or learn from state-wide food system networking groups  - OSU, Oregon Rural Action, OR & WA Tilth, OFB, RARE Americorps, OR Hunger-Relief Task Force/Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, Tillamook Food Routes, Gorge Grown Food Network, others 
  • Plan community/regional food forums and meetings
  • Expand and formalize CPFL with the goal of becoming an independent organization 
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